Dr Penrod has been my primary care physician for over 7 years. She has been and continues to be without question the most beneficial physician for my medical needs.

Three years ago I was unable to roller blade for more than 10 minutes without experiencing severe pain in the calves of my legs. I would have to stop and sit down for two or three minutes before continuing on for another 10 minutes. After one treatment with Dr. Penrod, I was roller blading for 45 minutes with no discomfort and noticed that my breathing was easier as well.

The last week of July, 2000, I started a diet prescribed by Dr. Penrod, which has resulted in amazing results that I have never been able to acquire from any physician for the last 30 years. On this diet, 20 years of indigestion and flatulation ended in two days. Over the next three months I lost 25 pounds without trying and without changing my excercise regimen. My cholesterol was reduced 200 points.

Presently I am being treated by Dr. Penrod for ongoing fatigue and depression. After three treatments my energy level has increased significantly and the related depression is subsiding.

Whenever the opportunity arises, I recommend Dr. Penrod to friends, family, and strangers alike. The world desparately needs physicians like Dr. Penrod and I cannot thank her enough for the level of treatment and care that I have received.

~Russell D. Lyons


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